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Nebraska Noxious Weed Program

Bruce Rumsey

Weed Superintendent

The failure to control noxious weeds on lands in Clay county is a serious problem which is detrimental to the production of crops and livestock and to the welfare of our residents, and our ecosystem which may devalue land and reduce tax revenue.

 The Nebraska Noxious Weed Control Act requires everyone that owns land to control their noxious weeds.

The nine noxious weeds in Nebraska are:

  • Musk Thistle
  • Plumeless Thistle
  • Leafy Spurge
  • Canada Thistle
  • Purple Loosestrife
  • Saltcedar
  • Phragmites
  • Spotted and Diffuse Knapweed

I would like to encourage residents of Clay county to contact the weed superintendent's office with any questions on effective control measures for any of these noxious weeds, or for concerns they might have about unidentified plant species.